Rogue Rating: 0 out of 5

This brew was a birthday present from my dear friend Stephanie Lemmon this past weekend. I’ve been aware of this brew for quite sometime but 19 years of vegetarian living has kept me from pulling the trigger on this one. However, this was a gift how could I refuse, that would be rude.

This isn’t beer, this is really an assault on your senses! Its gone past the point of flavouring beer, which is likely the point. None of the guests at the party had much to say about it, their we’re quite a few confused faces around the room. While I do respect what Rogue is trying to do. I really can’t see anyone finishing this bottle on their own.

As must as I hate to say it, this beer belongs in a category with the likes of BudLight Lime Mojito. The difference being that Rouge has most likely started with good beer and ruined it. Whereas Bud has started with crap beer and kept ruining it. This isn’t beer as much as experiments gone horribly wrong.