I’m shocked at some of the quotes in the article, comments from brewers. Remind me to never visit these some of the breweries listed in this article by VinePair

The fact is, there is room for everything. Something is weird or unusual until it becomes common place. Without experiments or attempting new things, we’d be stuck with corporate-dominated beers, we’d all be drinking 10 types of flavourless beers. Thank goodness that’s not reality. Craft beer has brought beer back to where it once was creativity is a good thing.

There are beers I love, beers I’m ok with and beers that aren’t for me. Beers that I don’t like, I do not drink. Others may like them. Beer is subjective, and personal preference plays a huge part. I love samplers, I love to try new beers, sometimes it doesn’t always go well, and that’s the risk. The reward is that sometimes times my mind is blown.

Why be boring or unexciting. It’s rare that I buy a six pack, I haven’t purchased a case of beer in over a decade. I’ll buy 24 individual beers, which can be hit or miss. That’s part of the fun.

Now that I make beer, I have an even greater appreciation for the masters make some of my favourite beers.

What beer trend needs to die? Who cares? Bring them on. Don’t like sours; you don’t have to drink them. “Beer flights. Beer is meant to be drunk by the pint, not by the shot…” Patrick Barnes, while you are correct that “switching back and forth between tasters wrecks your palate.” I am not going to be able to sit down and drink 4-5 pints in one session; when I go to a new brewery I want to try them all! Samplers allow me to do that.

As for peanut butter in beer, ok yeah, that’s just disgusting.