Name: Shandy Bass
Brewery: Britvic soft drinks
Style: Shandy
Rating: 0.5 out of 5
Origin: Burton upon Trent, England

The importance of the sentence “Lemon flavour soft drink with 8% Beer with Sugar and Sweeter” can not be stressed enough. This beverage is soda with beer sugar and sweeter. Sugar and sweeter? Oh yeah and lemon! How do you not buy this? As expected it was quite the experience.  The carbonation was gone, it was both terrible and sweet and overall undrinkable.   However, a fun fact about Shandy Bass in 2009 even though this beverage only contains about 0.5 percent alcohol English police officers were ordered to stop drinking it while on duty as the faint scent of alcohol gave the wrong impression.  My favourite quite from the article is as follows.

You could drink a bathful of Shandy Bass and you still wouldn’t be drunk.

It would in fact require that you drink 20 cans of this to put the average bloke over the legal limit. I challenge anyone to drink a full can of this concoction.