Rating: 5 out of 5

Sam Adams is one of the higher profile craft brewers, and for good reason they brew fantastic beer. The Latitude 48 IPA is in my opinion another great “gateway IPA”, the hops level is simplyperfect. The scent is heavenly, smells like a dream. My wife Shannon Secosky-Smith, just said if her nose could have sex with a beer, it would have to be an IPA, because IPA’s always smell so pretty.

Earlier in the week I posted an article about how a frosted glass an affect the taste of a beer. Link below.

I poured this bottle into a single glass which was at room temperature, I then remembered the article and poured half into a frosted glass. I think there’s something to it. While the beer in the chilled glass still tasted good, the non-chilled glass was a little more fragrant & the taste was actually more flavourful. A wider flavour if that makes sense. Extreme cool compresses flavour??? Dunno, must to more research. 🙂 I might be a believer. Perhaps flavourless beer (aka crap beer) needs to be chilled but a good beer can stand on its own.

Regardless of the glass, I think the Latitude IPA is exceptional! Top marks for a great IPA.