Rasion D’être was the 2nd homebrew we made and the first from Sam Calagione Extreme Brewing. Sam’s recipe was easy to follow and the results we’re amazing.  The beer is made with raisons and Belgian candy sugar, at the time the candy sugar was difficult to find at our local brew shop, so we made it from scratch. Although not difficult to make, i’m not sure I would go do the trouble, as I purchase candy sugar from Teavana and use it in my tea and coffee.

The finished product was stunning, the beer takes on a whole wine feel. They highest compliment I received was from a none beer drinking friend who said “wow, that doesn’t suck! I actually kinda like it”.  High praise indeed!

Below are the photos from the brew. We even baked cookies from the left over grain, those turned out amazing as well. The feather in the cap was getting the approval from the folks over at Dogfish Head on Instagram.