It looks like the beer brewing robots are getting closer to reality. Well, i guess they were real last year when these two companies appeared to battle it out on KickStarter to get funding to create these machines.  I can’t wait until these machines get into the hands of the average nano brewery or home brewer.  I’ve reached out to PicoBrew with a tweet, hopefully they’ll respond to my request. In the meantime here are the original videos posted to Kickstarter.

PicoBrew Zymatic(tm)

PicoBrew is based in Seattle and was developed by brothers Bill & Jim Mitchell and Avi Geiger. They have spent the last 3 years working on a machine that will allow users to create great craft beer in their kitchen at the touch of a button.

UPDATE, Head Brewer Annie Johnson invited us to visit PicoBrewing, gave us a tour and spent almost 4 hours with us. Listen to the Podcast!





BrewBot hails from Belfast, and you know they gotta know about making beer, perhaps more interestingly, according to an article by Mashable, (Sept 30 2013) the team “relocated to Portland, Ore. to finalize the project.”