We go on our first pandemic beer run, which includes beers from Victoria Moon Underwater & Category 12.

Beers featured in this episode

Moon Juice Raspberry Sour

5.5% ABV

A raspberry sour in a can.

A bright + lively sour ale bursting with fresh juicy raspberry. 

Balanced acidity with a jammy semi-sweet finish. Not overly sour, this ale is accessible to beer geeks and cider drinkers alike.

Available in 473mL 4-pack cans and 30L kegs

Excitation Stout

 Cacao Nib Espresso Stout 

ABV 6.4%

Going around in circles along the same well-worn path? Break away from the mundane and elevate yourself to the next level of flavour with our rich, bold stout.

Enhanced with cold pressed, organic espresso and raw cacao nibs, Excitation may just incite bonding in ways only previously imagined…and not due to caffeine! This beer has a lower caffeine content than decaffeinated coffee.

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