Earlier this week this video from sketch troop Nacho Punch titled “Hipsters Love Beer” caught my eye.  Straight up this video has some very funny moments; the outlandish beer names are hilarious. However, I do think that the video is slightly off the mark, its been my experience that true hipsters tend to go against the grain at each turn, and when it comes to beer, they order a “PBR” (Pabst Blue Ribbon) more often than anything else. While, I have no factual evidence to back me up on this and of course I do see hipsters carrying 6 packs of Caribou or MGD but the point is, I rarely see a hipster with the kind of beer mentioned in this video. Which begs the question “Is there a difference between hipsters and beer nerds?”

I say yes, in fact I would say that there are subgroups on each side, craft beer enthusiasts, beer nerds and even subsets of home brewing beer nerds.  Hipster subgroups include DIY Hipsters, Ironic-sters, Elitist-hipsters and many more.

In the case of this video, Nacho Punch uses a Portland style Uber hipster simply as a comedic element to great effect. I don’t believe this type of hipster would be ordering these brews but I do think its funny.   What do you think? Is there a difference between hipsters and beer nerds? Is this video accurate? Let me know in the comments.