Parties can be downright magical, and now that some enterprising young entrepreneur has combined their favorite drinking game with the world of Harry Potter, it’s about to get even more so. When you take something like beer pong (or any kind of liquid that one consumes because come on, kids want to play this too), and you mash it together with Quidditch, good times are bound to soar. The Quidditch set from the Unofficial Quidditch Pong page includes three golden hoops to put between your sets of cups, two beaters and one golden snitch. You are supposed to arrange your cups of preferred beverage on either side of the hoops and then toss the golden snitch through the hoops and into the cups. If you make the cup, the opposing witches and/or wizards have to drink its contents. The website also comes with a pretty comprehensive set of spells that you can say to throw off and deflect the other team. Make sure you do your studying before you launch into your first game. As a grownup, I can

Source: HARRY POTTER’s Quidditch Pong will be the Hit of Your Party | Nerdist