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Paddy’s Irish Pub Pint Glass

I  like to think of myself as a Master of Karate and friendship just like the Dayman, and now with this glass I can prove it to my friends.  If you haven’t watched “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” then you’ve been missing out, strong writing combined with some unusual story lines & characters helps keep the show endlessly entertaining.  If you’re a fan then you’ll want to add this fine pint glass to your collection.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set

80% off Hundreds of Items

Set of 4 $29.99

Although, the original Enterprise didn’t have “Ten Forward” I’d like to think that Riker would have ordered an old-fashioned before he gracefully hoisted his leg over the back of chair. This set of glasses would be a great addition to my Star Trek Catan set, hint hint @shannonsmith75

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 12 Pack Mini Glasses

80% off Hundreds of Items

12 Pack of Mini Doctor Who Glasses – $59.99

What Doctor Who fan wouldn’t want a one of these beautifully crafted glasses. These 2 oz. glasses are perfect for sampling your favourite craft beer or recreating the great scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Yeah, i’m mixing franchises…like i’m mixing drinks yo!  See what I did there?

These are just some of my favourites  from ThinkGeek, if you do purchase anything let me know. If you use one of my banners thanks so much for the support.