It is a podcast from my in-law’s house in beautiful Fort Walton Beach, Florida on Christmas Eve 2012.  This episode features three of our nieces, Cora (14), Kendrah (11) and Kariana (5).  Now, I know what your thinking, you can’t serve craft beer to children!  And see that’s where you and I differ. In ancient times Egyptian children, we’re given beer that was very low in alcohol.  Of course, in this case, we all sampled three different types of root beer. Funny thing about teens, they barely talk, the true star and kid who was most interested in reviewing the root beers was  5-year-old, Kariana.  With that, please enjoy, A Pint With Nieces. Subscribe to A Pint With Friends on iTunes


In this episode we sampled

Brew: Dog n Suds Root Beer 
Location: Champaign, Illinois
Style: Drive-In


Brew: Bulldog Root Beer
Location: unlisted
Style: Handcrafted

Notes: this root beer utilizes cane sugar and honey for aroma and flavour rather than corn syrup.


Brew: A&W Root Beer
Location: Founded in Lodi, California
Style: Classic

Notes: A&W Root Beer is often referred to as the root beer standard among root beer reviewers.