Heineken! Really?  Out of all of the amazing craft beer options in California and they’re celebrating this mind blowing $3.2 Billion deal with Apple by drinking Heineken!  Time for another “beer intervention”.  First off the fact that they are drinking beer and not Cristal or some other pretentious douchey beverage is to be applauded, but what about having one of Sam Adams Uptopias?  Now, to be clear, price is not the point, I would have been happy to hear that they we’re drinking something from Sierra Nevada or BrewDog.

Clearly price is not an issue for this Dre, even before this deal but the point is that the options for celebrating with a great tasting beer are almost endless.  To put this into terms more closely associated to the product, Beats by Dre are the craft beer of headphones, they are made with passion, thought was put into the design, I’m sure they did not cut any corners and their goal was to create the best damn sounding headphones on the market.

I’d like to see Dr. Dre’s next venture be “Beers by Dre” or “Hip-Hops”, yeah, I know the names are lame, but so is celebrating a $3.2Billion deal with Heineken. #DrinkBetterBeer.

What do you think? List in the comments what you think would be a better beer to celebrate with.

Sam Adams Utopia

Sam Adams Utopia

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