First craftbeer of my Winter Beercation in Fort Walton Beach Florida with my in-laws was Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA

I’ve waited quite sometime to revisit the 90 Minute and give it a proper review. Although the 90 Minute is hugely popular it seldom appears in Vancouver. Having recently started home brewing I have an even greater appreciation of the artistry of craft brewing. In fact my next home brew will be the 60 Minute IPA from Sam Calagione’s amazing book Extreme Brewing, A Deluxe Edition with 14 New Homebrew Recipes: An Introduction to Brewing Craft Beer at Home. I would encourage you to check out this book if you’re a home brewer and a fan of Dogfish Head, you’ll find recipes for the unique brews that Dogfish creates, including the 60 Minute IPA and Raison D’être (which was my second home brew, you can see photos of the brewing process on my facebook page).

Dogfish Head – 90 Minute IPA
Rating 5 out of 5

This is an excellent example of an Imperial IPA, the idea of continuous hopping is fascinating and I think it really pays off, the hops scent is right upfront and very appealing. Taste has a nice sweet grapefruit flavor that compliments the rich malt and hops.

I understand the fuss. Is it the holy grail of IPA’s?  No, I’ve had IPA’s that are equally as exquisite as this, but the 90 Minute Imperial IPA is certainly one for the books I’m very happy that I was able to cross it off my list. I just wish I had easier access to it.