As a snowbird I have spent quite a bit of time visiting my wife’s family on the once beautiful gulf coast. I say once beautiful because since the BP oil spill in 2010 the beautiful white sandy beaches have turned gray and the coastline is still covered with little chocolate sprinkles of oil pellets.

This morning “Journalist” Tina Harbuck  posted this truly absurd article titled BP OIL SPILL: Five years later and fishing is fine –  you can view the article here

Here are my comments on the article and I would encourage you to comment and share this post as its both equally sad and hilarious.

Tina you should send this article to because your comedic journalism is fantastic! These quotes you made up are classic. I really think you’ve captured the absurdity of the of how naive some folks are down in the gulf.

Sure this article pours more salt on the terrible wound that is the certainly the most tremendous environmental disaster of of the last 20 years but like you said its been 5 years and folks need a good laugh. And what’s funnier than long term health effects with a little coating of cancer?