My Untappd buddy Wil Wheaton has partnered with Ottawa’s Clocktower Brew Pub to create the “HefeWheaton,” a traditional German hefeweizen beer style. I excited for the folks in Ottawa and quite disappointed that I won’t be able to try this brew.  (Above Picture from Rose City Comicon Sept 2014)

Wil Wheaton’s latest role isn’t taking him to the stars, but rather to the backrooms of one local brewery.

The popular internet personality who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation is now also the proud brewer of the HefeWheaton — a pun on the classic German “hefeweizen” style of beer.

“I’m a fairly experienced homebrewer,” Wheaton told Alan Neal on CBC Ottawa’s All in a Day on Tuesday.

Wheaton joined forces with Ottawa’s Clocktower Brew Pub to create the beer, which will debut this weekend at Ottawa ComicCon. The actor is making multiple appearances over the course of the three-day event.

According to Wheaton, the locally-brewed wheat beer will feature “juicy, fruity notes.”

“I wanted to make a beer that was accessible to lots of people that wouldn’t be off-putting and intimidating,” he said.

Listen to the whole interview — which spans Wheaton’s entire three-decade career, as well as his beer-making exploits — below.

Source: Actor Wil Wheaton to unveil beer at Ottawa ComicCon