Budweiser mocks the craft beer drinker in this latest Super Bowl ad, what I particularly love about this ad is the complete lack of faces of their own fan base!  Is that because they have disappeared? Could they not get any actors to play those roles? Or do they not want to show their stereotypical purchaser. Mock away Budweiser, if we have learned anything from this last week, they way to get me to stop buying craft beer is to buy up your compeition.

I do give Budweiser props for showing the beer making process, kinda. They skipped over the steps with corn,  all high fructose corn syrup and whatever other preservatives they toss in. Typically Budweiser ads show horses, dogs, hot babes and pretty much anything else besides their beer.

What do you think of this ad?  What do you think of being called “fussy”? Let me know in the comments below.