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  Meet Pico U, the world's first universal brewing machine. Pico U is a smart and compact brewing appliance that makes it easy to create your favorite craft beverages: From your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning to a kombucha or yerba mate afternoon... Asked 14 Brewers: What Beer Trend Needs To Die

I'm shocked at some of the quotes in the article, comments from brewers. Remind me to never visit these some of the breweries listed in this article by VinePair The fact is, there is room for everything. Something is weird or unusual until it becomes common place....


Episode 16: A Pint With Steamworks

This was a big week in the Smith house; I landed a new job, and I received an invite from Steamworks Brewing to try a new beer they are launching, the Tropical Tart Ale. I sat down with Steamworks Marketing Manager Justin Van Mulligen to chat about the steps involved in bringing a new beer to the market. How the twenty-one-year-old Vancouver brewery still views itself as a startup by creating unique beers and staying ahead of the trends. And how much of a roll Gastown has played a part in their branding and beers.

Head over to the Steamworks taproom in Burnaby to fill your growler with the Tropical Tart Ale.

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Episode 15: A Pint With Steel & Oak

This podcast was recorded before live functioning brewery. Jorden Foss Co-owner Steel & Oak Brewing Company sits down with Scott & Neil to discuss the challenges of starting up New West’s only craft brewery, surviving beerpocalypse, and how Jorden’s passion for making great beer is only equaled by his commitment to his local community.

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Remember your favorite tee-shirt growing up? You know, the one you loved more than Linus loved his blanket? It was super soft, and nothing in the world felt better…

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Hopped Ciders in Honour of Prince

I have been promising to make a hopped cider for Shannon for months. With the passing of one of my biggest hero's it just seemed right to create two hopped ciders in Prince's honour using Galaxy and Nelson hops. Soon I will present you with Lady Cab Driver cider...

Everything you wanted to know about the Pico

By now you have probably heard about PicoBrewing's latest kickstarter campaign and their newest product the Pico which I wrote about in a previous post! The Pico is a new amazing and affordable appliance that brings the power of a craft brewer to you the home brewer....

Grounds For Madness

The Film The story of my latest home brew Grounds for Madness began in 1997.  Between 1997 -1998 a couple of friends and I created a film company called STIFF Films and during that year we produced 13 short films. Grounds For Madness was part of our "Off the Cuff"...




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