I am Scott Smith. I have produced hundreds of new media projects with my company ssmediaco.com. This is basically just me talking about craft beer and hopefully other funny stuff, at times I’ll be interviewing craft beer nerds, musicians, artists, professionals, business owners & friends and other like-minded individuals that will share craft beer stories and experiences from their own craft….meaning love of what they do, not crafting projects…not that I won’t talk to that kind of crafters too.

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Episode 16: A Pint With Steamworks

This was a big week in the Smith house; I landed a new job, and I received an invite from Steamworks Brewing to try a new beer they are launching, the Tropical Tart Ale. I sat down with Steamworks Marketing Manager Justin Van Mulligen to chat about the steps involved in bringing a new beer to the market. How the twenty-one-year-old Vancouver brewery still views itself as a startup by creating unique beers and staying ahead of the trends. And how much of a roll Gastown has played a part in their branding and beers.

Head over to the Steamworks taproom in Burnaby to fill your growler with the Tropical Tart Ale.

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Episode 15: A Pint With Steel & Oak

This podcast was recorded before live functioning brewery. Jorden Foss Co-owner Steel & Oak Brewing Company sits down with Scott & Neil to discuss the challenges of starting up New West’s only craft brewery, surviving beerpocalypse, and how Jorden’s passion for making great beer is only equaled by his commitment to his local community.

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Episode 13: A Pint with Dogwood Brewing

Claire Wilson (Brewmaster & CEO) & Camila (Marketing Associate) chat with Scott about the being Vancouver’s only Organic Brewery & tasting room. Claire’s passion and commitment to using local and organic ingredients and sustainable practices are reflected in her exceptional beers. Her dedication to sustainability extends beyond the beer, and also to the packaging, food served in the tasting room and organic cotton t-shirts.

Episode 12: A Pint With Pico Brew

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In this episode, we return to the offices of Pico Brewing to meet with two of the founders, Bill & Jim Mitchell to discuss their 3rd Kickstarter project and latest product the “Pico”. Bill & Jim share thoughts on the different kinds of homebrewers and beer drinkers, as well as how the Brew Marketplace will be the world’s best pub crawl.

Bill is a former Microsoft VP with several decades of innovation leadership in PDA’s and smartphones: while Jim is a food scientist and physicist with over 15 years experience in the field of food processing technology.

Episode 07: A Pint With Anger

This episode is sponsored, yeah sponsored by HostGator.com use the coupon code “Smittysbrew” and 25% off hosting. In this episode Shannon comes up with an Amish version of StarWars, we discuss my latest homebrew "Smitty's C.P.A.", the board game "Brew Master" I...

Episode 06: A Pint With My Lady

In this episode my lovely wife Shannon and I discuss the Emerald City Comicon, Vancouver’s Fan Expo, Ice-skating at Rogers Arena, Katie Cook (Katie Can Draw) and shed a little light where this podcast as been for the last year. Corrections, I said Yearly Smith but I...

Episode 05: A Pint With Nieces

It is a podcast from my in-law's house in beautiful Fort Walton Beach, Florida on Christmas Eve 2012.  This episode features three of our nieces, Cora (14), Kendrah (11) and Kariana (5).  Now, I know what your thinking, you can't serve craft beer to children!  And see...

Episode 04: A Pint With Mobro’s

A Movember episode of "A Pint With Friends" featuring my very first homebrew, from the White House Honey Porter recipe. We chat about sampling craft beer from a frosted glass vs a glass at room temperature, our favourite moustaches, lip plating, and I tell a story...

Episode 03: Chaos & Opera

What do you title a podcast episode that contains a ton of profanity, a healthy amount of racism, then ends with live opera singing after midnight? "A letter from strata"? We call it Saturday night with the Smith's. Opera is performed, the Meowsic is played, & we...

Episode 01: At First Pint

Here it is my first episode of "A Pint With Friends" my first guest was my buddy Josh. I can't thank Josh enough for taking the time to sit down with me to discuss craft beer. In this first episode we sampled two beers, first one was Lighthouse Brewings Fisgard 150...

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